You’ve done the hard work of cultivating great reviews for your medical practice and providing outstanding customer service. Most practices stop there, but the best know how to leverage these reviews to attract more patients. Here are four ways to leverage your reviews and get more patients:

Online Reputation Management for Doctors

Create a Testimonial/Review Page On Your Website

Compiling your testimonials or reviews on a page is important for a few reasons.

First, having testimonials adds keyword-rich content to your website. This is important for search engine optimization, or SEO. Part of a good SEO strategy is to create content that uses the phrases people use when searching. This helps increase your rankings.

Keywords are words or phrases included in written content that tell search engines what your content is about. Testimonials are keyword-rich. They allow patients to describe their first-person experiences with your practice.

Second, patients may write about the specific symptoms or illnesses that led them to choose your practice. They might describe the kinds of treatment, procedures, or surgeries performed. They might discuss their results or outcome. Patients will use keywords to describe their medical journies.

Third, testimonials also provide social proof, which is a powerful form of persuasion. It is also called informational social influence. Social proof is when people are in an unfamiliar situation and copy the behavior of others.

Having reviews on your website provides information to potential patients. This helps them make informed decisions about their medical care. Sharing these experiences allows potential patients to see how you deliver care.

A positive review demonstrates credibility in a way that other marketing activities can’t. Making them more visible by adding them to your website can only be helpful.

Add Testimonials to Website Provider Bio Pages

On your website, provider bio pages are an excellent place to have reviews. The reviews will increase the number of keywords on your website, improving your SEO, and they do more than that. When searching for a physician, potential patients find it helpful to read about others who are experiencing the same problem. Potential patients will find reviews on provider pages helpful. This may be especially true when searching for a physician who has experience with their specific condition or illness.

Patients want to hear from people with the same symptoms or illnesses about the solutions and treatments your practice provides.

Including reviews on provider pages also adds a personal touch. Potential patients will be able to read testimonials from people who have had great experiences under your practice’s care. These reviews will provide a firsthand account of their experience and tell their stories in a way that only they can. This provides potential patients with the opportunity to imagine what being a patient of a provider at your practice would be like.

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Remarket Your Reviews on Social Media


Using patient reviews shouldn’t be limited to your website. You can use reviews on social media to promote the quality of care provided at your practice. Sharing reviews improves your reputation and helps you attract new patients.

How to do it:

  • Turn great reviews into images that can be shared. The fastest and easiest way to do this is by taking a ‘screenshot’ of the review with your phone or computer and sharing. Or, you can go the extra mile and format it nicely with the social platform and practice logo.
  • Use the reviewer’s first name and location to personalize it even more.
  • Then, share it on Facebook, Instagram, and any other social platforms your practice uses. Remember to keep HIPAA guidelines in mind.

Sharing your positive reviews on social media gives you an opportunity to thank the reviewer. Don’t be afraid to be playful and genuine — it is social media, after all. Remarketing posts receive high engagement. Patients of your practice will be excited to add their own praise to posts that mention their doctor.

Use Reviews In Other Marketing Materials

You can also use your reviews in other marketing materials like brochures, videos, articles, or landing pages. Using the words of your current patients is a great way to tell your story, whether that is about a physician, practice, or procedure.

Showcasing your reviews to potential patients is a great way to attract them to your practice. Don’t make them hard to find – promote, share, and repurpose your reviews for maximum impact.

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