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How to Create Facebook Ads that Attract BPH Patients

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    Ambitious Goals, Focused Insight, Confident Delivery

    Brian-Dooley - Independence Digital

    Hi, my name is Brian Dooley.  I’m the founder of Independence Digital.  We’re a medical marketing agency that helps large practices fill their schedules with the patients they want.  We do this through high-performance websites and targeted marketing.

    Several years ago I accepted a director-level marketing position with a large specialty practice.  We saw over 175,000 patients every year.  Even with over a decade of digital marketing experience, it was my first foray into healthcare.

    The Challenge:  The practice website and marketing material didn’t reflect the excellent clinical reputation of the practice.

    In the first year, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy with new branding. This included a redesigned website that made it easy for patients to find information.  The new website also:

    • Increased new patient volume
    • Increased patient portal registration
    • Increased online bill-pay
    • Elevated provider reputation
    • Elevated brand reputation
    • Attracted more visitors for free using the latest SEO techniques

    Additionally, we introduced hyper-targeted marketing strategies.  This helps connect patients in need of care with highly profitable therapies.  The practice appreciates that it can ‘turn on’ the flow of patients as needed while returning a positive ROI.

    In 2017, my wife and I decided to move back to the community where we grew up.  Collectively known as “Michiana,” it’s an area with several cities along the Indiana and Michigan border.  In the same year, I started Independence Digital.

    Many practices have realized that outsourcing internet marketing makes sense.  You get all the strategy and knowledge of a C-level employee at a fraction of the cost.  The hard part is finding a good partner who understands your business and can deliver ambitious results.

    If you’re not getting you the results you want, contact me today for a free consultation.

    Please note: due to high demand, I am only accepting 1 additional client in 2017.