Keeping physician and medical practice Google My Business (GMB) listings updated and accurate is one of the most effective ways to attract new patients.  Listings are free (for now…) and can be optimized in part by having complete, accurate information. For doctors and medical practices, that means making sure Google knows you’re accepting new patients.

1. Login to your GMB account at

GMB Login Screen

2. Select the physician GMB account you want to update. Note: only the physician and medical practice accounts you have claimed with that email address will be present.  If you haven’t claimed any listings, start here.

3. Once you’re on the physician GMB profile, click on the ‘info’ tab on the left side.

GMB Info Screen


4. Under the services and products section is the ‘about this person’ section.  Click the pencil to the right to edit.

About This Person GMB

5. Scroll down until you see the ‘accepts new patients’ property and make sure it’s checked.  When you’re done, click ‘apply’ at the bottom of the box to save your changes.

Planning Section - Accepts New Patients GMB


That’s it!  A word of caution, though: Google often attempts to update listings with the ‘best’ information, which may not be accurate.  You will want to check your listings periodically to make sure Google isn’t removing or changing accurate info.

For instance, here is one physician GMB listing where Google thinks it should remove the appointment link, provider gender, accessibility, and planning/new patient properties.  This would be detrimental to this listing’s accuracy and prominence.


GMB Corrections

Periodic checks and active management of GMB listings are critical for attracting new patients to your medical practice over time.

Questions? Drop me a note and I’ll try to help.