Ever hear the claim that “Facebook ads don’t work…at least not for my medical practice”? I hear it all the time.  It’s normally from someone who has only run a few ads, maybe boosted a few posts, and didn’t see the results they wanted.

When we look at why they didn’t work, the number one mistake is using dull ads.

Facebook isn’t a place where you can stick a ‘billboard’ up of your logo, a sentence about what you do, and expect results.  Ads need to engage and compel the audience. The messages you use on flyers, brochures, or billboards will not work on Facebook.

For the best results, a Facebook ad must:

  • Promise valuable information or a solution to a problem
  • Attract the right audience
  • Get clicked

This is easier said than done.  Your ideal patient is scrolling through looking at pictures of friends and family, so your ad really needs to stand out to have a chance.

How to Do It

An example will be the easiest way to explain.

Say you’re a dermatologist trying to get more annual cancer screening patients (often the first step in a life-long patient).

A typical ad:


BORING. 0 for 3 on all must-haves.

Slightly Better:


Optimized Ad:


“Fear” based headlines perform best – here are more headline examples:

  • How Safe Are You From Skin Cancer?
  • 3 Warning Signs You Should See A Dermatologist
  • Can We Really Trust Spray-On Sunscreen?
  • 5 Things Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You
  • 3 Skincare Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Combining attention-grabbing techniques with Facebook’s targeting by location, age, income, etc. are what make Facebook advertising so effective for medical practice marketing.

The first, boring ad could cost you a few dollars per click because Facebook has to show it to a lot of people to get clicks. However, great ad copy, headlines, and images will reduce ad costs and increase the number of clicks.  You may only pay 15 cents per click and get hundreds of more visitors to your website – just by changing the approach.

This low cost allows you to bring lots of visitors to your website.  On your website, it would be wise to have other helpful resources for patients so they engage even more with your website, content, and get to know you.

Over time, this strategy will pay dividends far higher than boring ‘billboard’ style ads on Facebook. Or actual billboards for that matter.

Want a free headline or two for your practice?  Send me a note using this contact form with the type of practice you have and the patients you want.  Include “Headline Request” in your note so we won’t miss it.