Frustrated that you can’t find the comments on your Facebook ads?  I was too.

Facebook ads manager seems like it’s constantly changing.  Some changes are less than intuitive.  After searching multiple help-threads with dead-ends, I figured out the best way to view comments on Facebook ads (aka dark posts).

It’s important for advertisers to engage with potential customers, respond to comments, and invite those who ‘like’ the post to like their page.  Also, negative comments can damage a campaign.  It’s best to keep a close eye on all Facebook ad comments.

Step 1: Open Facebook Ads Manager

Comments on Facebook Ads - Open Ad Manager


Step 2: Go to Ads Manager Settings (on the left) and click “All Tools”

Comments on Facebook Ads - All Tools


Step 3: Under “Create & Manage” Select “Page Posts”

Comments on Facebook Ads - Pages Posts


Step 4: Make sure the correct page is selected, and click “Ads Posts”

Comments on Facebook Ads


Step 5: Click on the post name you’d like to bring up the post

Step 6: Click “View Comments” and then click “View _ more comments”

Comments on Facebook Ads - View Comment


Step 7:  View, Like, and Reply to comments on your Facebook Ads

View Facebook Ad Comments - Respond/Reply


That’s it!  You may get a notification that will take you directly to the post if you have a new comment on your Facebook ad, but it’s good not to rely on this completely.

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