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4 Fantastic Interview Questions for Customer Service Positions

High turnover? Culture problems? Negative reviews? The problem may be in your hiring practices. Here are four interview questions for customer service positions that I use and how they’ve helped me reduce turnover, improve teamwork, and increase customer satisfaction. You’ll probably find that they can be helpful in more than just customer service interviews. (more…)

Why Marketers Make The Best Managers

Marketers have an unfair advantage when it comes to managing people. Many of the skills that make great leaders are skills that great marketers possess.  Here are the top seven qualities that make marketers great managers. (more…)

Physician Recruiting: Experts Share Their Best Advice

Recruiting doctors to your practice can be challenging. Some practices hire professional firms while others have an in-house process. To improve your chances of getting the best candidates, we’ve compiled some of the best advice from professional physician recruiters. (more…)

13 Best Medical Practice Marketing Ideas

When it comes to marketing a medical practice, doctors and marketers have a lot of choices when it comes to promotion. Where should you spend your limited time and budget? It’s at times a paradox of choice, and we become paralyzed with indecision. Or worse, do what we’ve always done even if it’s not getting us the results we want.

To help guide practices looking to move their business forward, here are 13 of the best medical practice marketing ideas. (more…)

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